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Job title : Machine Operator

Questions being asked in the interview :

1.Why did you choose this profession?
Ans.Mechanical physics has always intrigued me and I used to open up house hold appliances as a hobby to see how the system works. When I am around machines, I remain in awe. I enjoy working them, conducting preventive maintenance and basic troubleshooting incase of any malfunction.

2.What do you deem the most important task of a Machine Operator?
Ans.I believe that the work that machine operators perform prior to a shift holds the most importance. This is because there are a lot of pre checks that we have to perform to make sure that machines will run optimally. And it is at this time that most of the troubleshooting takes place so that deadlines can be met and there are no delays.

3.Tell us of some duties that you perform as a machine operator on a daily basis?
Ans.After the pre checks are done with, I adjust equipment controls to meet the needs of the procedure that is about to be performed. Then come to changing machine parts, tooling activities and setting temperatures.

4.If you come across two simultaneous machine problems, which one would you look at first?
Ans.I would determine which machinery is performing top priority work and look at it first.

5.What strategies do you use to enhance communication and clarify yours and others messages?
Ans.To ensure clear and accurate exchange of information with management and colleagues I usually repeat my messages and question directly for clarification without hesitation in case the message received is ambiguous. Effective communication is the key for machine operators because one misunderstood message can result in hundreds of mis-fed or wrongly fed machine commands which are sometimes irreversible or take too much time to cancel.

(Written on: 21.10.2015)

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