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Current Available Jobs in Baroda New Jobs are added daily. For better response, visit this page frequently.
Government / Corporate / MNC jobs Check this page for links of Government, semi-government, PSU, MNC and Corporate jobs information.
External links / tutorials Typing Practice : Do it everyday.  
50 Questions for Interview Preparation : Must Read Be prepared for your next interview.
Difference between CV, Biodata and Resume An informative article about the subject.
Example of Employment Form
Example-2 of Employment Form
Please download, fill it up and send to us for evaluation.
Most companies / corporates expect candidates to fill-up such form. Study and practice it before you face any interview.  
Samples of Coverletters Your cover-letter should be as effective as your CV. Don't just send it casually because it will be read first rather than your CV.
Samples of CV / Resume / Biodata Sample-1, Sample-2  
Common mistakes we make while sending resume / CV Read the article and avoid such mistakes.
Download the PPT File, 220 kb.
CTC: What is it? How does it differ from Take-home Salary? Informative article
Candidate Registration Form - MyCityBaroda Standard form for Candidate Registration for faster processing.